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How to Determine the Type of Real Estate Professional You Need

Not all real estate professionals provide the same services. The purchase of a home can be a very exciting experience, a complicated undertaking and without proper guidance, it can become a very costly mistake.

As a home buyer, you can:
NAMP - Bullet Choose to represent yourself
NAMP - Bullet A real estate agent can represent the seller only
NAMP - Bullet A real estate agent can attempt to represent both the buyer and the seller at the same time
NAMP - Bullet You can choose to engage the services of a real estate professional trained as a buyer's agent specialist to represent your interests only

To assist in making an informed selection, consider these questions and compare the responses from several real estate agents.

Depending upon your home buying requirements, your careful understanding of the real estate services offered may better increase the value opportunity of your home purchase. Value opportunities become enhanced as property and financial (equity) interests are best protected.

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