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The Mistakes

Bob and Sally made in buying their home and obtaining a loan.

NAMP - Bullet No advance planning or a clearly defined set of buying and borrowing goals
NAMP - Bullet Failed to use the services of a mortgage planner for their loan buying interest
NAMP - Bullet Only looked at the short term goals for both the loan and home value
NAMP - Bullet Did not protect their equity position
NAMP - Bullet Failed to engage a real estate licensee who would be obligated to protect their home buying interest
NAMP - Bullet Failed to request the services of an appraiser obligated to obtain an objective evaluation of the property's value
NAMP - Bullet Did not know their rights as a borrower and home buyer
NAMP - Bullet Were not in charge of the loan and home buying process
NAMP - Bullet Did not ask for a copy of the wholesale interest rates
NAMP - Bullet Did not understand the real cost of the loan
NAMP - Bullet Did not comparison shop for a loan or a mortgage broker
NAMP - Bullet Relied on non experts (family and friends) for advice
NAMP - Bullet Failed to understand the "Good Old Boy"' theory of "Let's Make A Deal"
NAMP - Bullet Failed to maintain an "objective" focus by letting emotions guide the decision making process
NAMP - Bullet Were not aware of hidden rebates or premiums paid to mortgage broker by wholesale lender
NAMP - Bullet Failed to properly manage the mortgage and home buying process
NAMP - Bullet Failed to appreciate the importance of the relationship of the first home purchase to the intended subsequent home purchase(s)
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