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Interviewing the Real Estate Professional

  1. How long have you been a full time real estate professional?
  2. What specialized training or education courses have you taken that will help protect my financial and property interests?
  3. What advantages will I realize as a home buyer when using your professional services?
  4. What real estate services, negotiating strategies, or other valuable service benefits, if any, may you be prohibited from providing me as a home buyer?
  5. What time limitations, or obligations to others, do you currently have that will prevent you from effectively representing my home buying interests?
  6. In what ways will you help me locate the best qualified and most competent service providers that will assist in other areas of my home purchase?
  7. As my buyer agent, what possible conflicts might you encounter with agents who represent sellers when trying to negotiate the best possible purchase for me?
  8. What factors will you consider in advising me not to purchase a particular property?
  9. What special negotiating strategies will you employ to help me obtain the best possible purchase?
  10. What fee will you charge me for your services, who can pay for those fees, and can I receive any portion of the fees you may be paid from others in my transaction?
  11. If you work for a company that represents sellers also, how can you assure me that you and your company can advocate for me, advance my interests, and fully protect my financial and property interests if I purchase a home listed by you company?
  12. If I choose not to use the services of your company in my home purchase, which two other brokers would you recommend I interview, and why?
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