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Official Application for Professional Certification

This form is designed to be printed, filled out, and faxed to NAMP®

    The mission of the National Association of Mortgage Planners®, Inc., is to promote and nurture the highest level of professionalism in the practice of fiduciary based Mortgage Planning for the Client's best interests.

    NAMP® developed the Certification Programs to assure the borrowing public that the Mortgage Planner they engage for mortgage services is proficient, knowledgeable and competent.________________________

    NAMP® members who obtain their certification are recognized as industry leaders.

    The Certified Mortgage Planner or the Accredited Mortgage Planner® will gain professional prominence and profitability as a result of "Integrity Marketing Through Reputation Referrals."

    Office use only
    Application # _______________

    Examination location __________

    Check # ____________________

    Date Rec'd __________________

    Amt Rec'd __________________

    ____CMP ____AMP Year ______

    Approved ____ disapproved ____


Application for Professional Certification

    Application with supporting documents must be received no later than 90 days prior to examination date. Requesting ______ day ______ of 199__ for examination. Examination fee is $100.

    I am applying for an NAMP® certification as a:
    ____ Certified Mortgage Planner, or as an ____ Accredited Mortgage Planners

    Applicant information

    Name ________________________________ Social Security #__________________________

    Firm Name _____________________________ Position ________________________________

    Street _________________________ City ___________________ St. _____ Zip_____________

    Tele (____ ) ________________ Fax (____ ) ________________ E-mail ____________________


    Highest grade completed __________________________________________________________

    Degree(s) earned ____________________ Professional designation(s) ______________________

    Personal References

    Name _____________________________ ___________Tele (____ ) _____________________

    Name _____________________________ ___________Tele (____ ) _____________________

    Name _____________________________ ___________Tele (____ ) _____________________

    Applicant's Agreement

    Upon presentation of this original or photocopy thereof, I authorize any professional, insurance-support organization, governmental agency, insurance company or employer to provide NAMP® or any agent, attorney, consumer reporting agency or independent administrator, acting on its behalf with all information regarding me. I also authorize any employer, group policy holder or benefit plan administrator to provide NAMP® with all information relevant to this application for professional certification. I understand that such information will be used for evaluation and administration of my application for professional certification and any certification granted. This authorization is valid from the date signed for the duration of my certification of me by NAMP®, as either a CMP® or AMP®. I certify the information given by me is true and correct.

    Applicant signature __________________________________ Date ________________

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